Women from across the world have an untapped potential as a primary mover of greater development within their country of origin. Their role is very crucial for increased development, but challenges remain. And so, significant reforms in economic, social, and political institutions must be made to create an enabling environment for women participation and empowerment. However, it appears that investments in human development are not readily translated to better economic and political outcomes for women. Unfortunately, women’s potential and crucial role in the development in their country of origin is still impeded by these economic and social factors. Women’s participation is also very important in advancing peace, unity and combating terrorism, which is a most serious threat to SD in their country of origin. It has also been recognized that women have been largely excluded from the processes of conflict management and prevention and that their role is important in the achievement of lasting peace and security (UN, 2015). In general, women’s participation helps in accelerating resolution and countering terrorism while ensuring that women’s rights are protected. For more information and details please contact Janet Snow (janet.snow@wasd.org.uk).